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Soft Tissue Laser Treatments in Newnan, GA

Dr. Galbo has used diode dental laser technology for management of soft tissue for many years. Soft tissue dental lasers combine electronics and energy that is used to perform many minor non-surgical procedures quickly and safely, often with minimal discomfort or bleeding.

Treatment of Periodontal (Gum) Disease

The fine, precise action of the laser is an invaluable tool in the treatment of periodontal disease, which requires removal of infected tissue to stimulate healing and growth of healthy gum tissues.

  • Laser periodontal therapy is a less invasive option than traditional gum surgery; there’s no cutting and no sutures. You don’t have to worry about bleeding, stitches or post-treatment infection because your gums have not been cut.

Gum “Lifts”

Dr. Galbo often employs the laser in smile designs to perform gum-sculpting procedures to improve:

  • Stress, smoking, and poor nutrition can be contributing factors to gum disease
  • “Gummy” smiles that make teeth appear too short
  • Uneven or irregular gum lines that detract from overall smile appearance

Pain Relief from Cold Sores or Mouth Ulcers

A quick dental laser treatment can often help ease the discomfort of common cold sores and mouth ulcers.

Soft Tissue Management for Crowns and Dental Implants

Dr. Galbo uses the dental laser in conjunction with dental implant procedures to control inflammation and tissue growth during the implant integration process.

  • The soft tissue dental laser is an invaluable aid in crown lengthening procedures when additional exposed tooth structure is required to properly support a crown or bridge restoration.

Laser technology is an innovative approach to dentistry that has served our professional well for decades. If you have questions about laser dentistry procedures, we invite you to contact us.