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Our Management Model

We Manage the Parts of Dentistry You Don’t Want To

As your support system, we handle the stressful and time-consuming administrative side of running your practice, including:

  • Operational monitoring and management
  • Coaching and development for staff
  • Marketing and growth initiatives, including advertising and internal programs such as referral programs
  • HR, including handling personnel issues, establishing staff incentive programs and recruiting needed positions
  • Payroll
  • Accounting and taxes
  • Accounts receivable and insurance processing
  • Supply and equipment procurement

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Practice Growth

We work with you to develop and execute a customized growth plan tailored to your practice, including:

  • Internal initiatives, such as patient referral programs.
  • Traditional tactics, from conceptualization and design, to execution (e.g., direct mailers).
  • Digital marketing (e.g., website/SEO, social media).
  • Enjoy the benefits of participation in a practice group, including negotiated cost savings and revenue growth.

Our model is tailored to each practice and focused on growth:

  • Comprehensive approach that includes traditional marketing tactics, digital marketing capabilities, and practice initiatives.
  • Capability to measure and track success of marketing tactics.
  • Combined benefits from practice’s established reputation and co-branding with larger practice network.

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