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Partnership Options

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We look forward to speaking with you about our partnership options.

Choice One Dental Care affiliates with Dentists seeking to improve their work/life balance and focus on providing excellent patient care.

Which Option is Right for You?

We offer partnership options for Dentists in all career stages:

Recent Graduates:

  • How can I gain the experience and training I’m looking for?
  • How can I jump-start my career?

We offer Associateships which allows Dentists to gain the hands-on experience and mentorship needed to prepare for managing a practice.

Our dedicated Clinical Development Program enables Dentists to obtain the training, experience, and guidance required to build the key skills and capabilities you’re looking to develop.

Managing Dentists:

  • I’m ready to manage my own practice…now what?
  • I’ve built a good practice, but how can I take my practice to the next level?

With our proven partnership model, we work with you to drive your practice’s growth while letting you focus on patient care. Improve your work/life balance and focus on the clinical side of dentistry, while we manage the administrative hassles of your practice.

Transition Partnerships:

  • How can I get fair value for my practice’s equity and ensure a successful transition?
  • We offer opportunities for Dentists to stay on in the practice as long as they are willing and able to work.

We take pride in smooth transitions that are easy for the dentist, patients, and staff.

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