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TMJ Treatments in Lawrenceville

What Is a TMJ Disorder?

A TMJ disorder is a collective term for any problem affecting the temporo-mandibular joint (the tiny joint on the side of the head near the ears) and the surrounding muscles. It is a very sensitive joint and can easily become aggravated.

If you have pain affecting the TMJ, it could be due to one or more of the following:

  • the muscle may be spasming
  • the joint may have been injured
  • the disk may be slipping

In some cases, the cause of the disorder is unclear and may be stress related.

Common Symptoms of TMJ Disorder

Patients who are suffering from a TMJ disorder can experience a wide range of symptoms that range from unpleasant to extremely painful. Some common symptoms include the following:

  • jaw pain
  • ear pain
  • headaches
  • pain when chewing
  • facial pain
  • clicking or popping sounds
  • jaw locking

Benefits of TMJ Treatment

Proper TMJ treatment can help eliminate the jaw, ear, and facial pain you experience while chewing. It can also stop the jaw locking, clicking, or popping sounds you encounter while chewing as well as provide relief from headaches caused by an irritated TMJ.

How Is TMJ Treatment Performed?

A typical TMJ treatment involves the use of an oral splint which is worn to reduce stress and tension in the jaw and allow the TMJ to heal. If the splint helps to relieve the pain, it is possible that your jaw position or bite was causing the irritation. In some cases, occlusal equilibration is used, which involves selective shaping of the teeth to allow the jaw to close properly. Once the jaw is able to close and settle into its natural position, you may find that the pain subsides immediately.

Preparing for TMJ Treatment

There is no specific preparation needed for TMJ treatment using dental splits or selective tooth reshaping. If there is a structural issue within the jaw itself, your dentist may order x-rays, an MRI, or a CT scan to discern the underlying cause. If all options have been tried to no avail, and surgery is the only choice left, your dental professional will advise you on the procedure to be done and how it will be performed, as well as any preparatory steps you should take for an optimal outcome.

TMJ Treatment Recovery

At first, you may find it unusual to wear the splint, but you will adjust to this in time, and the pain relief you experience is well worth it. Many TMJ sufferers find that a few simple steps that can be taken at home are all that is needed to relieve the pain and aggravation of this small but nevertheless important little joint.

How Much Does TMJ Treatment Cost?

TMJ treatment may be covered by your dental insurance provider; consult your local carrier for details. If it is not covered or you do not have dental insurance, Choice One Dental Care® accepts financing from CareCredit® which can help make the cost of TMJ treatment more affordable for you.

Is TMJ Treatment Right for Me?

If you are experiencing pain in your jaw or by your ear, headaches, or popping and cracking while chewing, proper TMJ treatment may be right for you. Depending on the severity of the issue, advanced treatments including arthroscopic surgery may be necessary to position the joint back into its proper place.

Why Choose Choice One Dental Care®?

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What to Expect During Your Consultation for TMJ Treatment

TMJ can be caused by a variety of factors. During your consultation, the dental professional will thoroughly examine your mouth and jaw and may order x-rays to determine the extent of the issue. During this time, you are welcome to ask any questions you may have about your treatment options, including surgery. We will work with you to choose a treatment plan that will give you the relief you need so that dealing with TMJ is a thing of the past.

Contact us today to schedule your TMJ consultation and put an end to the pain and aggravation of living with temporomandibular disorder.