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Dental Hygiene in Greenville, SC

When you visit Choice One Dental Care® in Greenville, SC, you can be assured that Dr. Nick Dziedziejko and his friendly team of dental professionals will focus on your family’s dental hygiene needs with compassion and professionalism. Dr. Dziedziejko will not only care for you when you visit the office, but he and his team will give you and your family all the tools you need to maintain your own personal oral hygiene routine all year round. Choice One Dental Care® can help your family, especially young children, establish and maintain an excellent oral hygiene plan, one that will ensure that they maintain great oral health.

What Is Dental Hygiene?

Dental hygiene is the collection of health-enhancing behaviors that fights plaque, which is the thin film of bacteria that forms on the surface of your teeth and at the gum line. Proper dental hygiene is essential to making sure your teeth stay strong for a long time. The root cause of tooth decay is acid created by bacteria that, if not treated with care, can lead to bad breath, gum disease, sensitivity, cavities and even tooth loss. Brushing your teeth the right way and making sure to brush the inner, outer, and biting surfaces of your teeth for two to three minutes twice a day is extremely important as is flossing, rinsing and maintaining proper diet and exercise.

Good dental hygiene also involves at least bi-annual visits to Choice One Dental Care® in Greenville, SC, where you and your family can have your teeth professionally cleaned by Dr. Dziedziejko and his team. That way any plaque or tartar buildup that eludes regular brushing and flossing can be eliminated, and tooth decay can ultimately be prevented. Regular professional cleaning by Choice One Dental Care® will ensure you keep your family’s teeth healthy, strong and sparklingly white.

Benefits of Dental Hygiene

Dr. Dziedziejko and the staff at Choice One Dental Care® bring a unique approach to teaching patients, especially children, the ideal oral hygiene strategies to maintain excellent oral health. Dr. Dziedziejko stresses that the best way to prevent cavities is to make sure bacteria are removed from the surface of the teeth on a daily basis through proper brushing, flossing, and rinsing. Overall, the health of your mouth is more important than most people realize. Gum disease, or gingivitis, has the potential to lead to tooth loss. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention warns that gingivitis can put you and your loved ones at an increased risk of diabetes, heart attack and even stroke.

Dental Hygiene at Choice One Dental Care®

Too often we find patients who think that good oral care begins and ends with your teeth. In fact, your gums cover the lower portion of your teeth, so they are essential to oral hygiene as well. Choice One Dental Care® works with you to provide effective periodontal cleaning to keep your gums strong and healthy. During your visit, a skilled dental hygienist will clear away any plaque and tartar accumulations on the surface of your teeth and, if necessary, below the gum line for deep periodontal cleaning.

  • Oral cancer screenings are another vital service that Choice One Dental Care® employs to help keep your family healthy. Identifying mouth cancer early is crucial to successful treatment and Dr. Dziedziejko is an expert at identifying pre-cancerous and cancerous conditions. Overall, oral hygiene should be complemented with a healthy diet and lifestyle as certain habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption are correlated with an increased risk of oral cancer.
  • Root Planing is a deep periodontal cleaning focused on the extraction and elimination of plaque and tartar accumulations below the gum line, quite literally at the root of the tooth. Through the use of ultrasonic instruments and periodontal scalers and curettes, Choice One Dental Care® is able to help you keep this entire area below the gum line clean and healthy.

How Much Do Dental Hygiene Services Cost?

At Choice One Dental Care®, excellent dental hygiene services are surprisingly affordable even though many dental insurance programs cover the cost of regular oral hygiene screenings and care. If you don’t have insurance, Choice One Dental Care® also offers third party financing through CareCredit®, a program designed to offer you convenient payment plans that make dental care more affordable.

Is Dental Hygiene Right for Me?

There is no doubt that good dental hygiene is right for everyone. It’s important not only to the overall health of your teeth and gums, smile and breath, but it also is vitally important to your overall health as neglecting dental hygiene is a risk factor for many other physical ailments and diseases.

Why Choose Choice One Dental Care®?

  • Our patient-centered approach is focused on ensuring that every patient enjoys a positive and gentle dental care experience.
  • Our wide-ranging service offerings, including Cosmetic Dentistry, Family Dentistry, Preventative Dentistry, Sedation Dentistry, Pediatric Dentistry, and Restorative Dentistry make us a one-stop destination for your dental care needs.
  • Our commitment to providing affordable dental care for our patients is evident by offering financing options, numerous discount specials as well as an innovative membership plan.
  • Our technological capabilities bring the latest advances in dental care technology to benefit our patients.

What to Expect During Your Dental Hygiene Consultation

During your dental hygiene consultation, Dr. Dziedziejko will examine your mouth and teeth looking for any signs of decay or infection which need to be treated. Dr. Dziedziejko will discuss his findings with you and answer any questions. X-rays may be ordered to determine the extent of any tooth damage or decay. Our friendly, attentive staff will explain each step as it’s done to help you feel more at ease during your appointment.

Contact our Greenville, SC office today to schedule your dental hygiene consultation and get started on the way to a more brilliant and captivating smile!